Collection: In Person Event Planning and Decoration Design

If you live in Massachusetts, Upper Rhode Island or Lower New Hampshire we will come to your home and set up our Decoration Boxes. We do full blown event planning for any children's event or fundraiser.

Order one of our three In-Person Event Packages - (Basic, Ultimate or Vip) or Design your own event.

Please read each description of what is included in each Mini Package.


All of the Packages Below are Mini Packages. The Basic, Ultimate and VIP each have at least one of these in their package. Click the Mini Package for a Full Description of What is included.

Dining Table for 6

Dining Table for 8

Dining Table for 6 Adults

Dining Table for 8 Adults

Dessert Table for 6

Dessert Table for 12

Gift Table for 6 

Gift Table for 12


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